Integration of Icecast and Shoutcast

Some free apps have this integrated while Djay only has streaming over Bonjour. It would be nice to see these streaming services added.

Hello Alec,
I’m missing a integration of shoutcast too. One year ago, i streamed internet radio with sam or winamp (plugin). DJay is such a great software, but I miss a real “voice-over” and the shoutcast integration.

Nicecast is overloaded with functions and with an amount of 60.- € oversized in price. Butt (freeware) works well, but need to be feeded via line-in.

To simple functions adding to DJay will make DJay to a real solution to broadcast via Internet.

I think they won’t…
its better in a joint-venture with Nicecast to improve the benefit. By the way…the Mic-Channel has no voiceover, therefore unusable without hardware to broadcast.

It would be really great to have a solution for shout- and icecast.
Hopefully algoriddim will add that …will you?


I know this is probably a dead horse but native support for icecast or shoutcast would be welcome