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Anybody else here who wants to have an integration of into djay? I know no other way to scrobble the song I play with djay (on Mac, iPad or iPhone)…

Djay is great but what would make it even better is the introduction of scrobbling. Beatblaster recently did it and it offers people the chance to scrobble to their profiles what music is being mixed.

If, like me, you want to give people the opportunity to know what is being played they can take a look at the page in question and will see.

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OK, so I love the Spotify/DJay integration. Brilliant, but not perfect.

Please please please can we get this integrated with Either through the spotify plays or just integration generally. I want to be able to scrobble what I play. Please make it happen!!

Agreed. has been scrobbling my music since 2004.

Another way of looking at would be to have it work more with iTunes. Data like play counts, bbm & song key actual get added to the track meta data and visible in iTunes.

Even more be able to create playlists in djay that appear in iTunes too. I know that’s more than you’re suggesting.

But why not ask for the moon. :slight_smile:

your dev team is great good work thus far.

Is there already such a plugin for I really would love to scribble my tracks via spotify in Djay2 for ipad!

I wonder why it is not scrobbling at least my Spotify plays through Spotify’?

Any updates on this. So tired of not being able to scrobble. I pretty much use djay 2 for my playlists instead of playing from the Spotify app, which scrobbled. You would think since djay 2 is accessing Spotify playlists that the scrobbling would happen.

djay 2 really needs to make this happen.

I need a way to keep track of what I’ve played in Djay Pro. If it won’t scrobble to last FM what other way is there?

oh. I see the history thingee now.

Any update here?

+1 for scrobbling. Would make this my main spotify player.