integreate with DJay and have ability to switch between Camelot System versions of song keys

I’ve recently moved from DJay 2 to DJay Pro and I came across a problem that seems to have been an issue for some time. (Still an issue in v. 1.0.11)

I want everyone who comes across this post to TRY THIS,

*First make sure distinguish minor and major key is on in DJay Pro

  1. Look up a song from DJay Pro on Spotify. Take note of the key provided (If you have time look up a few and write them down)

2 Look up those same songs on and compare the results.

What I’ve found is often DJay pro when using Spotify does NOT provide the correct key detection. This is still a problem in v. 1.0.11 and from looking back over old problem tickets from this forum has been an issue for a long time.

It would be great if you could integrate/pull information from they get their Library of songs from Spotify too. I also like that they include the Camelot System version of the Keys (5A=Cm 6B=BbM…)

Hope we can get better KEY recognition in the near future. Adding this would make it way better for harmonic mixing on the fly


We Forgot…

Yes please,
Camelot System version of the Keys please, that would be a lot better… also, use the key provided by spotify when linking account. The key detection on DJpro is pretty weak.