Internal recording channel gain

Hi there,

Here’s my first question.
For a week now I have been experimenting with Djay Pro 5.0. I own a Numark NS6II and I have some issues. In this topic I wil talk about one of my issues, I will open another topic for other issues.

Yesterday I wanted to record a mix. Audio limiter and Auto gain are both on, output headroom is at -6 dB.
The gain knob are at 12 o’ clock and because of auto gain, they should be allright. I noticed when loading a new track an I pre-listened the audio was way to loud. When moving the gain knob a little and set it back to 12 o’ clock the gain was ok.
I found this very annoying.
I als noticed that the auto gain was not flawless. When checking the recording I noticed the main volume of the tracks was not equal at all.

Today I did a test with recording from the booth output of my NS6II. The problem with the gain when loading a song was gone now. So the gain issue must be an internal recording problem.

When recording outside Djay the auto gain issue remained the same as before.

I don’t know if this is because the combination with Djay and NS6II or that it is a bug.

I come from Serato and the auto gain there is not always right but I think it is slightly better than Djay.

Does anyone know how to solve this?
Thank you.

Hi @DiscoPat,

Thanks for sharing your questions in our community. I’d be happy to assist you.

So that I can better assist you, could you please answer the following questions:

  1. What Mac model are you using?
  2. What version of macOS are you running?
  3. Are you using the latest version of djay Pro, v5.0.3?
  4. Is this issue easily reproducible, and if so, would you be able to send us a video of the issue in action so we can further test djay’s behavior?

Happily awaiting your reply. Have a good day!

Hi @NathanielAlgo ,

I’m going to try to test and film it this weekend. Then I’ll get back to you with more information.
Thank you very much in advance.

I just did a test and this time the gain stayed OK.
The problem I described was my first attempt for a recording inside Djay. I did a mix with 15 tracks and all tracks had to be adjusted because the gain was way to loud.
Just now it was fine.
I’m sorry but I did not manage te recreate this.

Just for the record.
Djay Pro 5.0.3
Macbook pro 2020 13 inch i5
Mac os Sonoma 14.1.2

Hi @DiscoPat,

Thanks for the update!

Please let us know if this becomes an issue again so that we can further assist you.

Have a nice day!

Hi @NathanielAlgo

When it happens again I will make sure to film it!

Thank you.

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