Internal working bitrate iOS djay pro

Hi can the algoriddim folks confirm if there is a fixed internal working bitrate in the iOS djay pro app that all content is simply resampled to and hence whether there is actually any advantage in using tidal high or hifi options? Thanks

Hi @GaryGibbon,

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At this time, the only information we can share regarding this topic is what is written on our FAQ linked below entitled “What are the differences between the TIDAL quality settings in djay?”

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Disappointing that you folks are not able to confirm this. For the benefit of other users, I have done some listening tests and the difference in quality between normal and hifi is not life and death, but discernible nonetheless. Predictably the more signal processing is going on (auto gain / limiter / pitch etc) the bigger the improvement is - for any signal processing at all you really need to start with the highest possible bit rate version of the music because it all destroys bit depth and introduces aliasing and quantisation artefacts. No crashing yet on hifi mode with my currently stable version on iOS. If I start getting issues and have to revert to High I will add to comments this thread.

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