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I just downloaded djay pro ai on a Mac mini M1 and I get this strange error in the startup page, right where the price subscription should be. I am in Spanish in my OS system. It might the the problem. This is a bug I thin. MacOs 11.2

Same problem here, Mac air M1

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Same problem, Macbook Pro 16 Intel, MacOS Big Sur 11.2

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Literally bought a new M1 Mackbook Air for this weekend. Updated it to 11.2… and now the software wont “restore in app purchases”

HELP Algoriddim!!!

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Intel? So it’s a Bg Sur thing? I hope it gets fixed soon! thanks for the info

I know I literally bought this m1 macbook for this weekend thinking it would dominate mixing compared to my older mbp… and it doesn’t even work. lol

Just to confirm that it’s working right now

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Confirm. Now it’s working. Greetings to all.

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Hi guys,

We are glad to hear that this issue got solved.

Let us know if it occurs again.

Yes, reinstalled and now it0s working! Thanks for your quick response!

I’m also having the same problem with a MacBook Air M1 and Big Sur 11.2. Can someone please tell me what the fix is to make this work? I have uninstalled and reinstalled DJay Pro AI several times and can’t get rid of the (null) or get the restore purchase to work. Thanks.

Thank you!
Thank you!