Inverted cross fader issue Djay Pro / Reloop Buddy

Hi I’m struggling with the crossfader in djay pro.

I’m using a reloop buddy, when the left hand deck is playing with the crossfader on the left hand side (on the controller and the same on djay- both crossfaders are left) the right hand deck played! the decks appear to be reversed. Motion on the crossfader is correct and mirrored on the controller and on the djay software.
So if I go into the midi settings and invert the crossfader then I get the correct output on the controller, but the crossfader is in reverse on the djay software. Hope this is making sense. Basically the L&R deck appear to be swapped,

How can I rectify this?


@Eamike have you been messing with the default MIDI mapping by chance? Sounds like you may have inverted the cross fader controls within the MIDI mapping file for your controller.

Hi @Eamike,

Thanks for posting to the community for the first time!

As @Slak_Jaw mentioned, can you confirm if this issue occurs while using the default MIDI mapping for the Reloop Buddy?