Ion dj2go?

Please help. I have the ion dj2go controller - the exact one you show on your website as being compatible with day 2. When I try to use It with day2 I get a message saying the hardware is not supported by djay.

The controller works with other software. Please help.

I’m running an I pad air on the newest OS.

I am wondering about this aswell since I want a small controller for the IPAD and djay app.
But I found it hard to get hold of the controller so maybe it has stopped selling.
Are there any alterantives for dj:ing on ipad with a small external controller?

Hi Phil,

could you tell us what iPad and iOS version you are using?

Thank you in advance.

Lukas E.

Hey there,

as stated in the thread you opened.
The iON 2 Go is natively supported by djay Pro/2 for iOS.

Cheers,Lukas E.

I pad air and the latest iOS. Think it 9.3 is it? Didn’t work on iOS 7 so I upgraded but no difference.

Hello again. I have used midi wrench and can see the controller active within this app. The ion works with all other dj apps on my I pad but not djay? I am about to upgrade to a different controller but I’m not sure if I should at this stage. It’s a bit confusing to have you guys endorse the ion as being compatible when mine doesn’t work. I am fearful this will also happen with my next controller.


i’ve a similar problem:

iPad Air 2 (128 GB)
iOn DJ2Go
iOS 9.1 (13B143) (not updated yet on purpose)

The “class compliant” controller does not work with Djay PRO on iPad.

I even tried to connect the controller with the Apple Lightning to 30-pin Cable and the Native Instruments 30-pin to Mini-USB Cable. But that doesn’t help.

Then i tried it with the new Apple Lightning to USB 3 Cable INCLUDING connecting it to a self-powered USB-hub. But this doesn’t work either.

What now?

Thanks for any helpful answers…

(from Germany)

No answer after 3 months?!