ios 10 and Djay Pro

Can you provide any details as to whether ios 10 is fully functional with Djay Pro? I do events on the weekends and don’t want to do the latest update if its not going to work right.

Hi there,

iOS 10 is fully supported, but it is important to give djay access to your media library:…

Have fun,

Lukas E.

I think the user experience varies some are having issues and some are not. I’m still on iOS 9. I would hold on but that’s only my view.

Thank you Lukas :slight_smile:

Not sure … with iOS 10.0.2 Djay 2 and Djay pro are no longer able to handle an external sound card (dac on lightning/usb) in conjunction with ipad headphone jack for pre cueing feature. Audio setup disappear from the setup menu. Do you confirm that from your side guys ?

No pre-cueing with split on head phone output and hdmi through the lightningport is not workin on ios 10.