iOS 10 + DJ Connect + DJay not working!

When DJay (v 2.8.4) is running and I connect the DJ Connect interface, the usual window pops up letting me choose the outputs just as usual. But when I choose something and click done, the interface won’t work and in the settings, the normal audio device option don’t show up!
(have obviously tried restarting iPad, connecting device before starting DJay and all that jazz…)

iPad Air, iOS 10.0.2, DJay 2.8.4

Getting REALLY fed up with the audio interface issues with DJay…

Anyone tried if it works with DJay Pro? (really don’t want to pay for it as it’s taking the app in the wrong direction, but have some important gigs coming up so if it makes it possible to do those…)

EDIT: Ok, so it works, but it seems it’s not possible to use the iPad’s built in headphones output and one of the outputs of the DJ Connect at the same time anymore, which was my work around because the DJ Connect’s main outs are distorted…
Is that a new thing in iOS 10?