iOS 13.1 broke DJay

Hi all
After updating to iOS 13.1 beta … Djay is now fully inoperable! iOS 13 was okay but the latest update has made the app half screen and in responsive to any touch. iOS 13 officially drops in 12 days and algoriddim is dragging its feet. Maybe gloating their app was used in space. If they don’t get cracking it’s a long way to fall from grace!!! ** Germans will never get the meaning of the quote** here’s screen shot of what to look forward to in iOS 13.1

i’m very eager to discover Djay with either iOS 13 ou iPadOS with the external usb support; i hope algoriddim will fix this soon

When new iOS version is planned I hope all software company test and update all their software BEFORE the final version is out. So that they are ready at the due date.
All our messages are about beta iOS with beta Djay if necessary so that we’ll have working software when iOS 13 will be out

Perhaps they will support the new iOS when it actually has an official public release. I don’t think taking petty jabs at them will help in the meantime. There is NOTHING wrong with promoting a product and FTR they make NO claims about supporting operating systems that are yet to be released and they are in NO way doing any wrong by not doing so… Keeping expectations realistic and reasonable are a sure bet way to happiness and this is something Germans and the rest of the world will understand.

They do. This is called Alpha/Beta testing. This is typically a CLOSED group of individuals who have NDA’s protecting said company from leaks on new features etc. No need to update the software BEFORE said operating systems release. Some new versions DROP older OS and how would you explain it to them that their SW is no longer working because someday Apple may drop their new OS??? Here is an alternate idea… perhaps DON’T update to a new OS until you have the green light from any/all sw you are using? BTW this is not my idea it is standard thinking by all professional DJ’s…

iOS 13.0 isn’t even out yet, OF COURSE it doesn’t work in iOS 13.0 and 13.1. Why would you expect it to?!?

Please try being smarter.