iOS 14.8 app crashes durning use

The dj app kept freezing then crashing. Right in the middle of a set it gave up completely and killed the entire night in a club. Hundreds of pounds on a mixon 4 and the app doesn’t work properly.

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It happened to me, too. While the track was playing, the app froze. I have to force close it and relaunch for the next track. It’s a nightmare.
iPad Pro 3rd generation iPadOS 15.1

I played a 7 hour set last night and the app worked almost flawlessly,this is with the Rane one, I have to admit, I was nervous as this is the longest I have had Djay run at one time…

The only glitches were the occasional bug whilst using Neural Mix and Loop at the same time…

It happen to me too. Both times my iOS DJAY software rebooted, actually stopped working whole software without any notice. Everytime this has happen after 30-50min playing.

Was this with the Mixon4 controller as well?

Yep, with the mixon 4, first time it crashed I was able to get it going again then an hour and a half or so later it crashed again and I had to unplug the set up and we had to use someone else to cover. Really unimpressed with such a fatal flaw in the hardware/app integration, had zero response from customer support as well, very frustrating.

That doesn’t sound good, especially no reply from customer support either…
Have you been able to try it with Serato to see if it is a Mixon 4 issue or an Algoriddim issue?

I haven’t tried it on serato, I purchased the mixon 4 a few weeks back specifically as it was usable with tidal/iPad which made the type of club night I do so much simpler, I have to be honest and say I feel like I’ve been ripped off to the tune of several hundred pounds on something that isn’t fit for purpose. I’m hoping it’s a bug that the app will fix asap and not result in me either having to spend a load of money on a mac book or face have what essentially is a very expensive flashing light in the mixon 4 lol

Hopefully it does get sorted but I think users are experiencing more problems with their Macs than iPad.
I feel your pain though…I shelled out quite a bit for the Denon Prime 2 after reading glowing reviews on it when it first came out but to be honest I was immensely disappointed…Not so much with the Controler itself as the build quality of the Denon is on par with Pioneer, but the Engine software was so slow and clunky…

I was lucky enough that I sold it within a month and got my money back
I then picked up the Rane One because I previously had a Numark idjPro which worked flawlessly with Djay 2 and the Rane One had just become compatible with Algoriddim…

Like I said, it would be good to know if the problems are there with Serato to see if you have a faulty Controller or a incompatibility issue with Djay Pro…

This might be interesting reading…

Hi @Zil,

Thanks for reaching out about this crashing issue with your Mixon 4 and djay. Sorry to hear about your experience there and also with our Support Team. If I may ask, how did you reach out to our team previously? I just want to be sure our team is providing the best possible service across all channels.

For all users impacted by this issue, our team would need some additional information to understand what exactly is causing the crash. For this reason, could you please send our Support Team a message from inside your djay app following these steps:

  1. Open the Settings
  2. Scroll down to the Support section and tap “Contact Support”
  3. Include Attn: Emily in your message and/or a reference to this Forum Topic

This will provide us with the information needed to take a closer look at any crashes your app has had. Thanks in advance!

Hi, thanks for the reply, I’ve done that and it just tells me to email customer support on the email address it shows, it’s not an automatic link, is that right?

Could you please tell me exactly what version of djay you’re currently using? Also, do you have an email account set up on your iOS device? If not, this could be the reason it’s telling you to just email support. If you could send a screenshot of the message you get, that would be helpful. Thanks!

The fustratiting part of DJpro. This app could be a top contender if they fix slot of the issues.

Hi @Esau_Galindo,

Are you also experiencing crashing with djay Pro AI on iOS? If so, please send us a message using the steps above so our team can help you out. Thanks!