Any Mixon 4 owners here? Is it worth it? Do you like it?

I’ve been DJ’ing for about 3 years now and started on a Numark IDJ Pro. Up until really recently, this has been going great! Loads of gigs and a dozen or so mix tapes. Lately I’ve noticed that there are quite a few issues with my setup when doing recorded mixtapes and even just practicing. Lots of hang ups, frozen wave forms, unusable tracks that work in iTunes, missing tracks in DJ Pro playlists, but in iTunes, etc. In light of this, I decided to upgrade.

I’m totally in a three way tie between Serato, Rekordbox and DJ Pro. I played with a Denon MCX-8000 and it worked well, but I don’t like Serato really. Never played with Rekordbox but am planning on taking the Pioneer DDJ-1000 for a spin when it releases. My main eye and focus has been on the Reloop Mixon 4 for a while, however, none of the centers I visit have any units for me to test out. I like that the Mixon 4 is based off a platform that I am already familiar and quite proficient in (Algorridim’s DJ) and IF I ever wanted to switch out to Serato, I could easily do so.

I guess my questions are: How many Mixon 4 owners out there recommend it? Do you find the lack of aux inputs off-putting? Does the lack of tonal control for the mic outs cause you issues? Do you record mixes on it and if so, does it perform well (no stutters, frozen wave forms, janky loops, etc).

Any thoughts and experiences would be greatly appreciated, as I am definitely upgrading in February.


I have the same questions and concerns that you do. I ordered my mix on for just last week and I should have it this week. When I get it I’m going full-on to test it and see how well it does. And I will be sure to let you know what I’ve experienced.

My only issue is a fact that there are absolutely no inputs whatsoever. That is pretty jacked up.

Wait, there is no volume control for the mic?

Okay. But that’s the only control? No bass or treble controls for the mic?

I have seen reviews for djay Pro

I just got my mix on for yesterday. After the first day I love it. But let’s see what happens.

Dude! The mixon 4 is awesome except for the fact that it has absolutely no inputs at all whatsoever. That part is frustrating but I only use it for emergencies like if I have to play music off my phone. But I have never had that issue because everything works so seamlessly. But since I thought about it I could use a small mixer in between and solve that problem if it ever occurs. So at this point I highly recommended it! no problems so far. I hope that helps

I haven’t figured out how to use the sampler yet

I’m not sure that plugging phone into the mix input will work well…if at all. It may have an adverse affect on the sound quality if It does work

Maybe consider getting a mixer with sub ports for jump drives

its awesome - did a few gigs, it was rock solid on ipad mini 4 no crashes tho I have my iphone as backup, you can plug an ext mixer into mic in if you need to route any other signal (with a suitable level matcher) tho its in mono only

As Ipad is multitasking I can trigger drums or a synth app from a bluetooth LE keyboard at the same time

Ive had my Mixon 4 for about a year now and I love it.

I was also worried about the lack of aux inputs but actually its not a problem unless you wanted to DJ with vinyl. Like most djs i felt nervous without aux inputs because i felt i had no back up. But in truth the Mixon 4 gives better options for backup because if my laptop fails i just plug in my ipad or even iphone. Actually this is much better than plugging my ipod in for backup because rather than just playing from the ipod i can actually dj from my phone with the same software as my laptop.

Its pretty seemless with DJay Pro … and you get some functions you don’t normally get with the software alone like pitch play.

Are you using Ipad with DJay 2?

There is volume for the mic … its right next to the mic input

It works with djay too.

And unlike serato it works with the standard version … no expensive upgrade required.

I partly agree. if you want a smooth transition between DJs or between devices then you definitely need an aux input or an external mixer. But as backup? - I’m not sure … only times I needed a backup was when my laptop crashed then I just needed music on fast before the crowd rioted :slight_smile:

I normally DJ from my laptop and have the iPad in the slot. I use the iPad for DMX light control - but its always there ready to connect for music in an emergency.

Nice set up by the way. :slight_smile:

Matt, I can’t wait to hear your findings! I’m really needing to upgrade and quickly…

DJ Stub. That bit of info is good to hear (about the back up). I was kind of thinking the same thing as well. Sadly, I don’t have a MacBook (yet) and never played around with DJ Pro, although I intend to soon. Is DJ’ing on the Mixon 4 with a laptop running DJ Pro pretty painless??? Or is it as cumbersome as Serato, lol? Thanks for the replies!