iOS 17 compatibility or not

Are you guys going to soon be compatible w iOS 17? Please give us an answer so that we can decide whether to revert back to 16.5 or not!!! Thanks.

iOS 17 is still in beta. I would not expect Algoriddim to offer support for iOS 17 before it is officially released which will likely be around September. I would roll back to 16.5.

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Thanks. Having a hard time getting back to 16.5. Ugh! Keeps restoring it back to 17, even when I choose an old backup.

Yes it works just fine in IOS 17.0

Hi everyone,

Please note that we cannot officially support beta versions of the operating system on any platform.

We recommend using the latest official release, but waiting some time before updating to avoid any unforeseen issues that were not caught during the beta process.

Hope that helps.

I finally got back to iOS 16.6 or whatever is current. Everything is working fine again. No more OSS -54 error.

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