IOS 4.0.1 DJAY pro: Auto-loop deleting start cue

So I notice two bugs after the last update to Djay Pro IOS 4.0.1

  1. While playing the song and putting auto-loop on after a few beats, pressing the start cue again used to move the loop length to the start of the song and maintain looping, making it easy to extend intros from the first downbeat on the fly, but this is no longer the case. Now it DELETES the start cue of the song, and moves it to the start of the loop that was playing. Why is auto-looping even able to override the start cue? Had a few surprises during a set because of this. In earlier DJAY versions this never happened.

2 When pressing other cue points 1-8 while playing in auto-loop, these points are preserved, and the song switches to the correct position, but the looping is now disabled, even though the auto-loop indicator is still switched on. This seems also a bug. So after switching to a cue point you need to press loop once again to activate looping, even if it indicates it’s still looping.

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I also noticed something like no. 1, it also happens with manual loops. I’m now trying harder to make sure that I don’t press the cue button again until the loop is deactivated. But I would also prefer it if this runs differently again.

Bump, in newest update 4.0.2 no changes

In short problem is, when pressing start cue when in a loop, start cue is deleted and placed at the beginning of the loop