IOS 8.1.2 & Dj Wego2 = Little to No Sound

Hello Community! I am a first time user of Djay2 and seem to be having a sound issue. Here is what I am using: Ipad Air (IOS 8.1.2), Pioneer Dj Wego2, Standard Lightning Connection to Wego, Headphones Connected to Wego, and Powered Speaker for ouput. I have full control over the program from the controller however the sound is incredibly faint on both the speaker and headphones. I have messed around with all the volume settings, swapped speakers and headphones. I tried reverting the IOS software, but the signing window has closed. I also have the Wego2 updated to the current firmware. Any insight into this problem would be stupendous!

Sorry to hear that. Hope you get a replacement that works! Let us know if we can help you with anything else.

Follow up: Controller works perfectly connected to my windows machine using virtual DJ. Also, I can completely use the Dj2 app, but just little to no sound.

Follow up pt. 2: You can probably close this thread. I just contacted the seller and asked for a refund. Now it wont connect and has no audio playback using the comp or ipad. Fail product.