iOS 8.1 has killed my numark idj pro!!

Updated my iPad 4 on Friday and now it won’t work with my numark idj pro using idjay 2. I had a message to say an iOS update was available (running from iOS 8.02 I think) a couple of day before hand but forgot about it. I was going through my playlist on Friday and saw the update was available, everything was working fine before. Once it had update i switched everything off and left it until Saturday. I wanted to quickly check my playlist just before leaving for a gig and started the app and idj pro as usual, loaded a track and pressed play but no sound. I’ve messed and tried a few things and the only way I can get it to work is to turn the idj pro off and on once the app is running about 5-10 times to get any sound (sometime just loud white noise). When I say work I mean sound going to my speakers/amp, there’s no sound in my headphones at all!

Help please!

Hi Bebbo,

Really sorry to hear that. We have no problems with iOS 8.1 and iDJ Pro here either.

What happens if instead of power-cycling the iDJ Pro, you just disconnect and re-connect it back to the iPad while djay is already running?

Interesting, glad to hear that the iDJ Pro is working again.

There are currently no known issues with Dropbox and djay 2. What exactly happens when you try to play a song from Dropbox?

Ok , so after deleting Dropbox, restarting the the iPad and starting up everything in the correct order (I admit I didn’t do that before) it works again. Maybe it wasn’t the iOS update? I’d installed the Dropbox app the same day, I opened a song up in djay 2 via Dropbox. Are the two not compatible?

I know it does not help you, but i dont have problems with the reloop beatpad. Ios 8.1 ipad air 1. I got scared after reading your post and tried my setup.