iOS 8 introducing track-load lag time?

Updated to iOS 8 on an iPad 3 (64GB), yesterday.

Immediately noticed that selecting a track now comes with a pronounced pause — several seconds long — before it loads. Is this an issue with the new OS, or is there another possible reason that it’s started happening?

Hi James,

Thanks for contacting us.

We haven’t noticed any similar issues. Does this happen with all your songs? As an experiment, try loading the same song twice in a row.

A few things that might be worth a try:

  • restart your iPad(s)
  • delete and re-sync your music library

Interesting, we’ll certainly investigate this as well. Thanks for letting us know.

HI Stuart, which djay 2 version are you using?

Also, there are now some instances when selecting a track that it does the long pause, then goes back to the player screen but the new track has not been loaded.

All of these events happen in both the Spotify and the native library.

Using DJ 2.6.1, btw.

And it’s occurring on both of my iPad 3s, so not inherent to just one device.

Thanks, Warren. Tried both of those approaches, but neither of them had any effect.

Here’s what did work. I did some quick Googling and discovered that more than one iPad 3 user has experience app lag and crashes, in general, after upgrading to iOS8. It’s almost certainly not just djay2 that is crushed by iOS8, it’s all apps that are potentially affected by the new OS and its apparently poor integration with the older model iPad.

I restored back to iOS 7.1.2 and djay2 works like a charm again.

— James

Not seeing any lag on iPad Air. But it seems not possible to use two outputs at once (iMic + headphone out). So it’s DJing without cue for me :-o

Had the same issue last week with DJay 2 unfortunately, during a live set.
Even had a split second pause in the song that was playing while loading the other…unbelievable!
Then one of the turntables stopped responding all together, so I initiated a quick singalong while I switched back to DJay 1, which although is a little slower on ios8 in loading, is far more stable overall and seems less affected by ios 8.

Hi Warren.
I was using DJay 2 but since the above mishap, I’ve gone back to DJay 1, which is far more stable on iOS 8.