Ios 9.2 & iDJ Pro

So can I get a 100% guarantee that if I upgrade my iPad to ios 9.2 that DJay 2 will work seamlessly with my iDJ Pro? P.S. I have iPad 3 thanks

Thanks for answering my question. Well half of it at least. So if I upgrade to 9.2 it will also work glitch free on Numark’s iDJ Pro? Thanks

Hi there,

iOS 9.2 is 100% supported by djay 2.
Cheers and have fun mixing.

Lukas E.

Hi there, 

djay 2 on the iPad 3 works 100% with the iDJ Pro.
I hope this is helping now :slight_smile:

Lukas E.

Hi Anthony,

yes the only restriction is the operating system. 9.2.1 is up to date and works perfectly.

Lukas E.

I have iPad 4 and it works great.

Well I originally had Djay 2 with a idj pro and it worked great. I have a Beatpad 2 now with Djay 2 and Djay for iPad and it works great also.

Does it work with the ipad2 with 9.2.1