IOS 9.2 update

I’ve just updated IOS 9.2 on my iPad. Now when I use the graphic equaliser on djay 2 it sticks and I’ve lost performance…I’m gutted, I’ve tried rebooting my iPad. I’ve connected it to my iTunes library and pressed sync, problem is still there.
I was wondering if anybody else has this problem or a solution. I don’t know if it’s an apple update problem or an algoridduim problem.
I love my djay 2 app and use it everyday…can anybody help?

Since ios 9.2 the waveform run too slowly whith sacades !!!
Please do something because a smooth and fluid waveform is very important !

It is not the ios9…I donwgrade djay2 to 2.7 and the waveform is fluid and smooth…

Same thing with me… the gain slider was killing me last night! I’d love to know if we can revert back. If you find out, please let me know asap.

Same here! It ruined the night… And the club was full…
Gain knobs didn’t work, and faders were crazies with just a tap, a nightmare before xmas…
Ipad air2 and reloop beatpad2… I saved the situation using directly the air2 and an ipad3 that I always carry for backup, as simple decks and mixing on a live stage mixer… (Thank god the backup plans!!!)
In addition, the new placement for history is uncomfortable when used to jump between lists-sets-search-ceue-itunes-spoty randomly and constantly.
Tomorrow I have an important gig and I’m fu***** scared!
By the way, just as the other fellas, djay2 is the best! Till now it never freezed or crashed, please fix it asap!

Thousand thanx Lukas!

Agree at 100% Mike!

Thanks again Lukas! Also to algoriddim’s staff for all the efforts to fix it quickly and keeping us informed!! You guys rock!! (As always!)


We are already aware of some performance bugs and some problems with the gain knob in the latest update but we’re already working on a fix for these bugs.
There will be another update before christmas!
We’re very sorry for the inconvenience and kindly ask for patience in the meantime!

Best regards,

Hi Guys,

I’m glad to tell you, that the update is now online. Please download it from the App Store and check it out.
We’re very sorry for all the inconveniences caused by the last update.


Hi Mike,
It’s probably the IOS update that is causing problems. I always wait at least a week before updating when a new release comes out because there is always a lot of problems with these updates. If you wait a week you will know if the update is stable or not, and if it’s not then you just wait until Apple has a chance to fix the problems.

I know there is an update for Djay 2 as well. Have you tried that? But beware… I’ve read in this forum that some people have some problems with that as well.
Try to follow the forums to make sure everything is ok before you update.

If you really need Djay 2 to work as it did before right away you can revert the IOS update to 9.1. That takes some work, but you can find out how to do it by googling it.

Good luck and let me know if it helped!

Really. Has Xmas come early…lets f…g hope so, il give it a go now and let you know.
Thanks for the quick reply.

Ok draw your brakes all the people wanting a refund. djay 2 have been emailing me and we should have an update fixing the bugs in the next few days. It’s with Apple apps at the moment but should be here in a few days.
Now in all fairness Lucas at algoriddim has been great, prompt apologetic and understanding that without us they wouldn’t have a successful business so give them a chance guys. Rome wasn’t built in a day and I know they shouldn’t have sent it to market before checking everything but who is perfect? Besides my mum. So check for update soon.
DJ Mikey B

djay 2 update with all bugs fixed…now I’d say that was a very quick response to all the complaints.
Thanks so much Lucas. Great job.
DJ Mikey B.

Just have posted one possible way to revert app back to older version in different thread. Hope this helps……

Thanks, I’ve been in touch with apple support and they referred me back here

It’s only the gain slider that isn’t working, I have to tap on the cross fader to get it to work then it ruins my mix…grrgh. Is it just me that’s having this problem, I’ve deleted the app, downloaded it again and problem still there. The bass, mid and treble work fine. I use this app to work with and now I can’t rely on it, can’t I go back to the before the update?

Hi Jim. I’ve spoke to Apple and went through checks to repair as they have just updated iOS, they then referred me back to algoriddim, who also have just updated djay 2. I’m gutted as it’s making me look a tw_t when I’m mixing,
Djay 2 is the best app I’ve used since using my decks and I’ve always been a vinyl man. But so heavy to carry.
Personally I think it’s a djay 2 update problem so let’s hope they sort it coz it’s effecting my work.
No disrespect Jim but I’m glad it’s not just me as I’ve been about to wing my iPad across the dance floor in frustration. Let’s hope the employees notice and have a solution. Back to my vinyl for now.

Hey I’m all for giving people a chance. Lucas has been great with me. Give em a break. When it’s fixed everyone will be happy

Life saver :smiley: