IOS 9.3.4_BeatPad_DJAY PRO


I have problem in the configuration:

  1. Reloop Beatpad
  2. Ipad mini4 with ios 9.3.4
  3. Djay PRO 1.0.3

My iPad does not recognize the controller Beatpad. At the same time everything is working properly on the iPad mini1 on older IOS. Do you know this problem?

What can I do.

Thanks for the answer.

Hi 2VV,

thank you for your post and we are sorry to hear that you are facing problems with the connection of your iPad mini 4.
First of it would be interesting if your iPad is charging if the controller is connected.
Also please download the application “midi wrench” and connect your iPad mini 4 to the controller.
Now hit several buttons at the controller and see if midi wrench is showing transferred midi signals.

Thank you in advance.

Lukas E.

Thank you for the follow up.

9.3.4 should not be a problem, we are fully supporting the latest iOS version.

Please tell us the outcome of midi wrench.

Thank you in advance.

Lukas E.

That sounds odd, i guess you are connecting both iPads with the same cable, am I right?

If that is the case, is the iPad Mini 4 charging with other cables, like the regular lightning cable charger?

Cheers,Lukas E.


thank you for the follow up.
I tested an iPad with 9.3.4 with the Beatpad and it worked flawlessly.

It is very odd that no midi signals are being transferred. That sounds more like an hardware problem to be honest.
Do you have the possibility to check with another Beatpad or any other djay supported iOS controller?

Lukas E.

That is good news.

Thank you for your follow up and have fun with djay Pro.

If you have any questions or suggestions, or if you would like further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Cheers,Lukas E.


Thanks for fast reply,

Yes, is charging when is connected, and control light “USB” is on on controller.

I will check “midi wrench” after work.

4 days ago was IOS update to 9.3.4. maybe this is a problem?

My second ipad mini1 with IOS 9.3.3 is working good.


I have checked ipad mini 4 on “midi wrench” and software don’t see anything. I have updated all soft, so I have no idea what is wrong.

My second ipad mini working good. “Midi wrench” see transfer.

Now i have two kid. The only difference between them is IOS. On the old one is IOS 9.3.2, on the new one is 9.3.4. This one with IOS 9.3.2 is working, secound one no.

Reloop beatpad have latest firmware 0.21. and on the both ipad is a new version of djya PRO 1.0.3.

Please help :slight_smile:


Yes, i have got only one cable to connect ipad i reloop, and both are charging when are connect.


and Ipad mini 4 have normal ligtning to charger.

are you sure that ver. of IOS is not a problem?


Yes, i will do it.



It Was iPad. I have reinstalled IOS and it is working good.

Thanks for your support.

Have nice day.