iOS audio interface that works on the latest iOS with Algoriddim's djay 2 / djay Pro

I treated myself on a new iPad Pro 12.9 running iOS 12.3.1
for the main purpose of running Algoriddim’s
djay 2
djay Pro 2
both latest versions I’m holding off on Algoriddim’s subscription model. As a DJ who started on SL1200’s I love the look and feel of djay 2.

For years I’ve used a Native Instruments Audio 2 MK2 interface, which still works perfect with my old iPad 2 (30 pins original iPad connector).
When used with a (serious) adapter the Audio 2 is capable of charging the iPad 2, when used without an adapter the battery of the iPad wont’ last long (logical).

I knew I had to come up with some kind of solution for the lightning connector in the iPad Pro. I had some cheap lightning interface to usb/30 pin connectors around, but all gave me either the “drawing too much power” or “not working on this iPad” error message.

After some trial and error at the Apple store it looked like the way too expensive Apple Lightning naar USB 3 camera adapter worked. No error messages, djay reported the 2 stereo busses in the Audio 2. Mind you both the usb3 adapter and the Audio 2 needed separate power so I was already looking at some cord cluttering.

Back home I discovered that while both stereo audio channels are available in djay 2 and djay Pro, only 1 was active. So no cueing and a cord mess. When the Audio 2 was connected to the lightening connector of my iPhone (running MacOS 11.4.1) with the exact same djay 2 and djay Pro all was worked as expected (stereo output independent from stereo headphone cue).
So it’s safe to assume the problem is iOS related.

Then I found in my box of forgotten items a LogiLink UA0099 audio interface. And low and behold: when attached to the USB3 adapter it reported it’s 4! stereo channels.

The marking on the box don’t correspond with their actual functions but now I got indeed separate stereo cue & stereo master output.
Mind you it’s not perfect (it’s a bit noisy, but so was the Audio2) but it’s even cheaper then the Apple USB3 interface…

I had a really hard time to find a “recommended” audio only solution for the Algoriddim iOS software, thats why I share this experience.
For all DJs who want a portable system without sacrificing the ability to cue properly. This works!