iOS devices (iPhone, iPad) do not recognise the mixtour as midi device

I just bought a Reloop Mixtour, but it isn’t recognised by my iOS devices in the app djay (tried iPhone, iPad mini and normal iPad). The device itself functions as it is functioniong correctly via USB connecting to my Macbook with Traktor on it. But I really bought it for the iOS connectivity. Any ideas?

I believe you need to pay the subscription to Algoriddim in the new version of DJay to get access to external controllers. It will work if you use any of the previous iterations of DJay … which have been removed from the App Store I believe . This is a very poor move imho

Maybe check for an iOS software update on your device . Sometimes that can cause problems . Also check the midi settings within Djay on your device

There is a ‘rescan for midi devices’ in the midi section of settings . Try that whilst it’s attached to the mixtour

I’m running the old DJay pro. I believe the only way to get it now is if you previously downloaded it prior to the latest version. Good luck anyway, hope you sort it out

I have bought the subscription but no luck either…

Did all that too :wink: But thanks for the advice though, appreciated!

Is there any other way to get the old ios apps? Maybe those will work