IOS Djay pro + ddj400 + Class compliant audio interface routing issue


I am running djay pro on an iPad 9 (iOS 15.3.1) with a DDJ 400 and an M Audio air 192/8 “class compliant”audio interface.

What I am looking for is to be able to choose which device outputs I want to use while they are both plugged in.

Is it possible to assign the main audio outputs and headphone audio outs independently to EITHER device?

if I plug in the ddj 400 it recognizes just fine and works great, if I then add the m audio interface the output devices menu automatically updates to ONLY allow me to select channels from the M audio device. When I disconnect the m audio interface while leaving the ddj 400 plugged in the menu updates to allow me to select channels for the headphone pre cue and the masters from ddj400.

Any help is appreciated thank you

Well, based on this video, only 1 device can be used…

but on macbooks

Thanks for the reply! Yeah that seems to answer my question. Maybe one day iOS will be able to handle aggregate devices. I’m going to try to make an aggregate in audio midi setup in Mac OS. Fun times

Most probably apple won’t do it, just because this way they can sell more high end macbooks and imacs for professional audio production.


I am running an IOS djay pro on IPad 9 (IOS 15.3.1) with DDJ 400

Ideally I would like to run this djay app DDJ 400 setup with a class compliant audio interface (M audio air 192/8 ) for higher quality outputs than the ddj 400 is equipped with.

Ultimately I would LOVE to retain control over the outputs of this interface from the DDJ 400 surface via midi mapping.

When I looked in the midimap menus I realized djay pro app will NOT allow recognition of the main output master knob, the headphone master volume knob, or the headphone cue/mix select knob. If you touch any of these in midi learn they do not show up at all. Every other button on the DDJ 400 does show up in midi learn. There is no midi access even if the ddj 400 and not the additional sound card is hooked up.

For reference I looked up the ddj 400 midi spec sheet online and it looks like theses knobs do have midi assignments so therefore in theory could be midi mappable. These knobs are labeled M9 M10 and M11 respectively and show cc messages and assignments.

The link for my source is on this midi implementation is:

Is it possible to gain access to these knobs via midi mapping in the djay app?

Any help on this is much appreciated. Thank you!