iOS error loading in Beatport 2003334207

As seem in many Facebook pages this problem seems to be getting worse and effecting more people.

Essentially I use an iPad Pro 12.9 and while other iPads have this issue, this one seems to be the most common. The error occurres now in about 70-90% of my tunes since I did the iOS/Djay pro update in 2/8/20 …out of the top 10 songs in the Beatport chart, only 1 would load. I then restarted the app and the iPad and slightly better results in the top 10 but about the same overall with the top 20…so songs that didn’t work before the restart now sometimes work and others now don’t.
The problem isn’t just the top 100 chart but also my playlists…both Beatport and Algoriddem have been in constant contact with me but responses are so slow that after 2 months we haven’t got anywhere, and when your a pro DJ who wants to stream, there is no way I’m switching to this set-up as I can’t be restarting iPads and apps mid session.

This is clearly a big issue (a quick google it look around on Facebook and DJ Blogs shows that), but as many are saying - the issue must be simple to fix, and is even listed as a bug fix in the last update (my tests shows it’s worse), and as more people move towards iOS and especially iPad pro’s (due to there processing power and cheaper cost plus mobility), if Djay Pro is going to keep people onboard this has to be sorted.

I know it’s probably an interlinked issues with Beatport, Algoriddem and Apple but in my experience it always goes back to an Apple issue. Either way all 3 parties need to get dev on this quickly before forums fill up with complaints.


I’m having the same issue with my Beatsource tracks… I sometimes get the error loading a track and then next day I don’t with the same track. Have you tried saving tracks to your offline locker (when you can load them)? Does that help at all?

I don’t pay for the locker mainly because the basic doesn’t work so no way am I paying for for! Would be a good year but I think if it’s downloaded it should work.

Hi TurnDevil,

First of all, welcome to our new community!

Thanks for posting about this issue and sharing the details about your experience. I’m sorry to hear things still aren’t working properly after the recent update. Our team has been in contact with Beatport to find a solution to this, and will continue to do so until this is fixed. I’ll keep you posted here as soon as we have any further news.

In the meantime, I realize this might sound a bit basic, but if possible, could you please try deleting and reinstalling the djay app on your iPad to determine if this solves or changes the issue? We’d appreciate your assistance in letting us know about that.

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I’ve done that a couple of times - it just changes which songs dont work. All items are up to date so not sure where to go from here.

I just keep getting told it will be sorted with the next update…it never is.


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Hey Lisle,

Thanks a lot for trying that out and for getting back to me with the results. Sorry to hear it didn’t work. Please know that our team is on it and we understand the importance of this working properly. I’ll keep you posted with any updates.

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Same issue here. Already trying to contact Algoriddim and Beatport. Since today all song downloads fail or have the same issue. Seems to get worse. Exact new error message: Download of Track Failed

Please fix this, Beatport subscription is not cheap.



:headphones: I’m happy to share that this issue is fixed now with the release of djay for iOS version 3.5.5. Please update your app when you get a chance and you should no longer get this error message.

Thanks again for bringing this to our attention!

Yeah all working now many thanks.


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