ios library sync or add song to beatport playlists


first thanks for the beatport integration into Djay ! that’s a killing feature for Djay software!

is it possible you add (at least) full library synchronization between iIOS devices ? i use to listen to djay on iPhone to curate songs when i’m away then i use to mix them with my iPad when i’m at home. for now it is not possible to add songs you listen to beatport playlists; you can only add them to djay internal playlists. so it’d be great if you could either sync djay playlists between iOS devices, or be able to add songs to beatport playlists (which are yet synched).


Hello Robert,

are you sure you can add song to Beatport playlist from Djay on iOS ? when i try i can only add song to djay internal playlist. And same with Tidal …


Helo JiPenade! (I am not any official from Algoriddim!) I have the same issue than you. I am not sure about beatport. Here is what I found out so far about spotify and soundcloud:

  • When you search for spotify songs in the DJay app on iOS, then you can add those songs to spotify playlists (which are the same as in your browser). 
  • The same is true for soundcloud.
    So as far as my testing goes: Playlists of streaming services are synced from the online service to and from DJay in both directions.   But of course only within a streaming service. It is not (easily) possible to add a song from soundcloud to spotify. You’d have to re-search the song in the other service and add it there again.

There is a service that can migrate whole playlists from one service to another.