iOS live sampling

Hi, I just bought a subscription. I’m trying the app out. New to all of it. Is live sampling a thing even? Say I want to sample a snip and save it on a looper pad. Does this have to be done head of time or can it be done on the fly? Thanks

Hi and welcome,
To answer your question, yes I suppose it can but it is a bit fiddle and time consuming to do it whilst playing live I guess,

Thank for the reply maurizio. I’ll keep looking for a solution to doing that. It’s not apparent. I don’t think the capability is there tbh.

It should be there, here’s how you get to it:

  1. Open Sampler
  2. click on the Dropdown in the bottom right corner
  3. click the plus sign in the popup
  4. click the pencil icon in the bottom right corner
  5. click on the three dots of any of the pads
  6. select „My Samples“ in the popup
  7. at the top of the popup, you will have the option to record a sample from deck 1 or deck 2

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Joejoe explained it much better than me but it isn’t something that’s straight simple…

Fairplay to you🎖. That’s a nice explanation. That’s much appreciated.

I just came across this YouTube video that explains it as well…

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Nice one!! Thanks a mil maurizio :medal_military::medal_military: