iOS Track Visual Disappears

On iPhone, occurring for last several versions of the OS, the visual track visual disappears.

The bug is consistently related to being used in landscape mode, hitting auto lock limit or manually locking during playback, then unlocking phone in portrait mode.

Here is a specific flow where I can reproduce.

Classic Mode in landscape
Two tracks playing from iTunes library.
Both tracks looped
Auto lock occurs
Phone is unlocked in portrait
App is in protrait
Switch to landscape
Track visual is black

Hi @afexder,

Thank you for getting in touch and for the steps.

Could you record a small video of the steps and the outcome as I was not able to reproduce the issue at my end, sorry for the inconvenience.

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Screen recording stops after phone is locked but here you go.

Also, looks like the forum will not accept videos from the iPhone.

The bug is pretty reproducible by simply toggling between portrait and landscape mode.

iPhone 11 Pro, iOS 14.2. However, this bug has been there for a long time. I would encounter it on my iPhone 7.

Hi @afexder,

Thank you for the feedback. What media source are you using for the tracks? Thank you for your feedback.

Could you also share the download link of the video? You can share it via

Thank you in advance.

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