Ipad 2 still not compatible with idj pro

For some months now, my idj pro has not synced to my ipad 2 djay2 app. No explanations, no posts on numark sites, then an email saying it is fixed when it is NOT. I am on ios 9.3.5 and djay2 version 2.8.4.

No power getting through to ipad, no sync, no nothing. Waste of money


my ipad 2 does not work with dj pro either, it used to until i had to reset it

Hi Oliver Toynton,

I think the mail they sent you was a misunderstanding because we fixed an issue with the IDJ Pro at that time. 

Regarding your not connecting controller, can you please download the application “midi wrench” and check if the controller is able to communicate with your iPad?

Please contact us after doing so.

Lukas E.

Have you used “midi wrench” to see the communication of the devices like explained above?

Lukas E.

Hi Doedens, 

can you tell us in detail which devices do not show midi signals and which do?

Lukas E.

Hi Eddy,

are you using the same connectors to connect the other iPad, or maybe an lightning adapter with one iPad?

Cheers,Lukas E.

Hi Eddy, 

that sounds odd, have you contacted Numark about the different iOS versions?

Please keep us posted.

Lukas E.

Hey Omantha,

can you send us a mail via support@algoriddim.com about the issue?

Lukas E.

Hi Derek,

are you able to start up djay Pro? 

Which iOS version are you using?

Hi Oliver,

I have exactly the same problem: ipad 2, ios 9.3.5 and Djay version 2.8.4. Ipad is notbrecognised at all. Ipad is not charging either.
An old Ipod with 30 pins connector does charge. I am very frustrated. It is only once you spend your money you find out about these problems.
I folllwed all instructions in the manual, but it doesn’t help. Help, please

My wife’s iphone running on ios 9 is charging as well

Hi Lukas, I did and it doesn’t show the Idj pro. My Ipad1 does connect, but I cannot install the Djay2 app on this one. My ipad mini running on ios 9 does not connect either. My iphone 5 does connect.

Hi Lukas,

Is there already a solution for the problem above? I’m using an iPad 2 with IOS 9.3.5 and Djay 2 app 2.8.4 and my Numark IDJ Pro doesn’t recognize my iPad. It is working with another iPad on IOS 8.3 and Djay 2 version 2.8.1
Please tell me how the combination with the IOS 9.3.5 together with the Djay 2 version 2.8.4 will work!


Yes I’m using the same connectors (iPad 2 so no lightning). The only difference is the IOS version and the Djay app version!

My ipad 2 with ios 9.3 not work with idj pro