iPad 2018 USB-C Adapter & Pre-cueing

Hi guys. I have the Ipad Pro 2018, the DDJ-200 and djay pro 2 installed. As you probably know the DDJ-200 connects to the ipad with bluetooth, which means audio and cueing need to be split from the Ipad.

Only thing is the ipad only has a single USB-C port, which also needs to be used for charging.

SO to combat this I brought a USB-c to USB-c/minijack adapter. From the adapter I run the minijack splitter to allow me to split the mono into audio and cueing.

The problem is the feed isnt splitting, so I have no cueing. Any Ideas?

I’m using an iPad USB-C, DDJ-400, and DJAY, not DJAY Pro 2. Did you turn on the split output option in the settings?

Update on my post, I was using a DDJ-200 with a USB Hub w/ audio.


Thank you for getting in contact.

I am sorry to hear that.

We are testing this extensively right now and want to thank you for your feedback.

Can you please share your exact djay versions?


Lukas E.

Hi Thomas.

Did you get a solution to this ?

I’m using djay 2… thinking of using djay 3