iPad air 2 and wego 2

Just bought a new Ipad, downloaded the djay 2 app and the sound is badly distorted when played through the wego 2.
Works fine on my iPhone 5.
Does any body have any ideas to what the problem might be?

Hi James,

* Which iOS versions are installed on both your devices?
* Which djay versions are you using?
* What happens if you disconnect and re-connet the WeGo 2 to your iPad while djay is already running?

This sounds like a hardware issue between the WeGO 2 and the iPad Air 2. Please kindly contact Pioneer support regarding this issue and keep us posted.

Sorry I can’t help you out directly.

Have you tried contacting Pioneer support?

OK, please keep us posted.

Or the iPad Air is the one that’s broken… I recommend taking it to the nearest Apple Store to get it checked.

Have you contacted Pioneer again since having it replaced?

I’ve had exactly the same problem since the last IOS update. Some times I wire the Ipad Air and WeGo2 with Djay 2 and even with a fraction of the volume it nearly rips my speaker cones out with a mass of loud distortion

iOS 8.1 on both devices.
djay 2.6.1 on both devices.
This can a few different effects, the first one is now the sound is ok but I have no sound in my head phones.
Or the sound is good but I only have one ear in my head phones,
Or it can remain the same and be distorted.

Apple have changed my iPad and I still have the same problem.
I downloaded Djay LE on to my Dads first version of the IPad Air and everything works perfectly.
What should I do next???

Yes, they tell me there is no known problem. I have now sent the wego back and am waiting for a replacement.

So, after getting the wego 2 replaced and updating the firmware I still have the same issue with the sound being distorted.
So the it seem me that the new iPad air is not compatable with the wego 2.

I have changed them both.

No, not yet.