iPad Air screen locking up problem

Relatively recent problem (a couple of months)?

iPad screen locks up (repeatedly and often), does not respond for maybe 10 or 20 seconds. Incredibly frustrating.

Luckily haven’t seen any issues when linked to a hardware controller in live use, but it’s making planning out sets which I just do on the iPad with no controller connected a pain.

Also for a couple of months on both iPad and iPhone when you first hit DJay icon to run the app it will launch the program, sit there blank for a couple of seconds then crash. Usually opens fine on 2nd attempt. Isn’t a problem in practice because it doesn’t crash once running, but I feel these problems are linked as they started to occur at around the same time (a couple of updates ago).

Hi @Tony_Jey,

Thanks for reporting these issues. We’ll need to get some additional information to look into both the freezes and the crashes you’ve described.

First, please share the following:

  1. What device are you currently using (including generation)?
  2. Which OS version is running on your device?
  3. Which djay version are you using? (please open the djay settings and scroll down to determine the version number.)

Then, for when djay freezes, it would be very helpful if you could send us your iPad logs. Don’t worry it’s not hard to get them, I’ll guide you through it. You will need a computer to access the logs.

On Mac:

  1. Connect your iPad/iPhone with your Mac via USB
  2. Open “Console” on your Mac
  3. Select your iPad under “Devices”
  4. In the search bar in the top right corner, type “djay” and press enter
  5. Open djay on your iPad/iPhone
  6. Reproduce the issue you’ve described
  7. Copy & paste the content of the Console app on your Mac, and send it to us via email here

On Windows:

  1. Install iTools on your Windows machine
  2. Launch iTools
  3. Connect your iOS device to the Windows machine through USB
  4. Click on Toolbox
  5. When you are ready to reproduce the issue in djay on your iPad/iPhone, click on Real-time log under Advanced Features. You can see the logging happening in real time
  6. Click on Save to save the log activities
  7. Copy & paste the content of the log on your PC, and send it to us via email here

With this information, our development team will be able to investigate this issue further.

As for the crashes, could you please send us a message from inside your djay app following these steps:

  1. Open the Settings
  2. Scroll down to the Support section and tap “Contact Support”
  3. Include Attn: Emily in your message and/or reference to this Community thread.

This will provide us with the information needed to take a closer look at any crashes your app has had. Thanks in advance!

Hi Emily,
Thanks for the detailed response.

  1. iPad Air 3rd Gen
  2. iOS 15.2 (also happened with previous)
  3. DJay Pro AI 3.8.6 (also happened with previous version. It started happening with the previous version. I had hoped this update would cure it but it hasn’t).

I’ll see if I can get a log file of it happening.

Also send the crash info from both iPhone and iPad. (Today both devices have opened fine. These are intermittent problems. Will send crash reports after they next happen).



Hi Tony,

Thanks for the additional information. For the crashes, even if they’ve happened intermittently, if you follow the instructions above from inside your djay app on one of your iOS devices, this will provide us with a user ID that we can then use to look up any crashes that have automatically been collected from your device when using djay in the past up until today. If any of these show up in our system, we can then start to figure out why this might be happening. So this way, you wouldn’t have to wait until it happens again. Thanks and hope to hear from you again!

Ok done from both iPhone and iPad.
Crashes when trying to open happen more often on iphone (so not as important).

iPad screen freezing repeatedly for 10-20 seconds during use is the main issue.

Thanks a lot for sending that message from inside your app. We’ve received your email, and our Support Team will continue helping you with that particular issue via email.

Regarding the iPad screen freezing, please send over the logs when you get a chance so our Development Team can take a closer look into that issue. Thanks in advance for your help troubleshooting!