iPad App - Can we have CDJ style pitch bend on the jog wheels / virtual decks please? Will this ever become a reality?

Hopefully I’ve not missed a trick here, but I cannot find an option to pitch bend with the jog wheel / decks on the iPad app.

Ideally, either a multi-touch system to distinguish between pitch bend / scratch, OR a system similar to pioneer CDJ1000/800’s with a ‘jog mode’ button that switches between ‘vinyl’ and ‘cdj’ control?

In my opinion, this would make the app perfect. (It’s really not far off as it stands though, fantastic work).


Warren thanks for your response, but I think I’ve used incorrect terminology?
I don’t mean an external midi device ‘jog wheel’, I mean the decks on the screen of the iPad app.
Can I use these virtual decks (on screen) to pitch bend or nudge the track when beat matching? The on screen pitch + & - buttons are like a traditional cd mixer, I would prefer this to be controlled by the on screen decks - like pioneer cdj’s as per my example above.
Is this possible or do you think it will it ever be implemented.


There is a “Jog Pitch Bend Mode” switch in djay’s MIDI settings. Tap the cogwheel button, select “Settings” -> “MIDI”.


I think that’s a great idea! I do find the + and - buttons for pitch bending a bit fiddly. I really think this fairly simple feature is something Algoriddim should think about implementing!

I have an iDJ2GO. Cant seem to get the scratch to work on jogweels while a deck is playing. Works fine when its not on play. It is on constant pitch bend and wont turn off with the switch in settings.

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CDJ Mode.

How about an option to have a CDJ view instead of a vinyl or waveform view and have pitchblend on the platters instead of scratch mode, aka CDJ mode

I have ddjWego2 and i need answers about cdj mode! to switch off the touch mode in the jog wheels. Thanks

I have the same problem as Fabio. WeGo3 with DJay2 does support functionality of switching off touch mode for the jog wheels. Are you able to provide this kind of functionality?