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Hey Folks:
I have the M1 iPad Pro, just actually exchanged my 12.9" model yesterday for the 11" one. I’ve had three previous iPad Pro 12.9" models, and I am absolutely enamored by the smaller form factor…and lighter too!

Last week, I was DJing at a local museum with my Pioneer DJ DDJ-SX2 and the M1 iPad Pro 12.9" model. What I’m curious about is how long those of you that use the iOS version, but without a charger, have had their devices last during your gig.

I’m curious, because Apple claims that the M1 iPad Pro is supposed to have 10 hours of battery life. Because of the way that I’ve used my iPad in the past (music production, video editing, etc.), I would usually get maybe half of the estimated battery life before it starts to run out of juice.

When I did my gig at the museum with the controller, I started with the device at 100 percent charge. After 2 1/2 hours, the level was reduced to 40 percent. I’m a little bit more confident that it can last a three-hour gig, but I think four would be pushing it.

I know that there are hubs that can be used to keep the device charged, but not having a charger has me curious. Plus, it would be one less thing I’d have to worry about carrying; I usually would recharge the device, when I get home.

Thanks for reading; hope you’ll chime in with your thoughts.

Interesting you ask as I was thinking my iPad Air 2020 coupled with my old DDJ400 is the perfect mobile set up if used with a battery powered speaker. Ideal for camping trips and garden parties etc.

I’ve used it like this with a Bluetooth speaker at a mates house a few times and managed to get 3hrs plus when the iPad was new. But if you are doing a gig more serious as you have a suggested I’d personally recommend powering everything off an external battery at the same time from the get go. The application is resource hungry and controllers that are powered from the device seem to perform better with an external power source in my opinion.

it is normal for the battery to run out quickly, the Pioneer is “starved” of electricity, plus by mixing you make the iPad work with the screen always on. However trust that Djay is 10 steps ahead of Traktor for iPad. think that the S2 MK3 also needs the external power supply as well as the powered camera kit!

Thanks for the replies, folks! I’ll be continuing to experiment battery life with the device, with the knowledge that it’ll be better to leave the screen on but be aware of battery drain. I’ll test it at home, but if I’m using it at a gig for more than 2 1/2 hours then indeed I’ll have a charger with me.

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I used it for 4 sets with 100% battery and also end up with 40% battery.

Following up on the iPad battery issue, I have used it standalone tonight to drop cue points on tracks; just me and my iPad with no controller at all. It is draining the battery, ensuring that this M1 iPad Pro ain’t gonna go for even half of its purported 10-hour battery life. Yes, I know that intense use can drain battery quicker, but whoa that’s some intensity going on!

Is this pretty much what I’ll have to live with? Just curious if the software itself can be optimized for the M1 chip, though I know that it’s a chip based on the previous A-series chips.

Just trying to get a handle on this to know that it’s’ the software and not my device. Thanks.


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