Please can someone help. When using ipad I have noticed that the beatgrid on certain tracks goes out of sync with beat after a long section of acapella. This only seems to happen when the beatless section is quite long. Does anyone know how to cure this as I have tried editing beatgrids etc but nothing seems to work. I am using Djay2 with latest update on an ipad air 1. Thanks in advance for any help.

Scott. Known problem & a bloody annoying problem. Reported this months back & hasn’t been fixed.

Hi Adrian,
Yes I have used the ‘Set Grid’ manually to the first beat, but after a long Beat less section the grid beat is completely off of the beat. I have experimented playing the tracks without it being synced to other tracks and it still does the same thing. This causes a major problem when you try to mix in another track using SYNC as the grids are completely wrong. Am I doing anything wrong? Thanks for your prompt answer.

Hi Gregg. Yes it is very annoying and can ruin a good mix! I’ve gone back to manually mixing tracks without sync so not too much of a problem now. Still causes confusion looking at incorrectly aligned beat grid though!! Is there a way to take off the beatgrid from the soundwave view?

Did you already try to set the beat grid at the correct position by tapping “SET GRID”?

Hi le troung,

thank you very much for your post. Could you please send us Jack “[Taiki & Nulight Remix] by Breach” via support@algoriddim.com?

That would help us a lot in order to reproduce the issue.


Lukas E.

Hi guys,

thank you for sharing your feedback. 
The different length of bars indicate an unstable tempo of the track.
I talked to the developers and added your topic as a request to ad a grid region feature, so you can divide a track into different beat grid regions.

Thank you for your time.

Lukas E.

Brother do yourself a favor and change programes. Djay Pro barely gets updated, and has basic features missing. I have a Beatpad 2 and works great with Traktor.

It’s a shame as this could have been a great piece of software, but it can’t competent with Traktor, Serato or even Rekordbox DJ.

I have Djay Pro for both ipad and Mac, and both still have the same problem when it comes to the beat grids. I’m using Traktor on my Mac and it’s great. But as for iPad DJ apps, DJay pro is about as good as it get for now.

Actually, DJ player looks really interesting. I might check it and get back to you.

The beatgrid mis-aligns with the beats after after a long break. Traktor and Rekordbox do not have this issue on the same songs that I tried (e.g. Jack [Taiki & Nulight Remix] by Breach). Please look into it as it is unusable with SYNC on many songs.

Please update on when manual BPM setting and grid aligning is available.

Here is another popular song with beat grid issue: The Chainsmokers - Closer (R3hab Remix Audio) ft. Halsey. Beat grid drifts out of sync. The big 3 software don’t have the problem.

In the other software (traktor, recordbox, even Djay2) the beat shifted only. I realigned the 1.1.1 beat to ‘hey’ and the rest of the song synced. This did not work in Djay Pro though. The grid drifted to 0.5 beat before the break, 1 beat after the break, and 1.5 beat at the end of the song. Why is it different than other software (including their own Djay2 version?)

I try loading instrumental and acapella tracks created from the same multitrack and almost every time the acapella won’t stay in sync! Why? Djay Pro seems to try and guess that the track has a floating BPM (which it doesn’t) and syncing is then impossible. Please sort this out, Djay Pro is making mixing very hard… Which defeats the purpose of its existence.

Also, what to do if a track has uneven bars (for example, Status Quo’s “In The Army Now - Military Mix” has a six beat bar in the middle of the track whick makes syncing impossible after it)? It would be great if users could set some kind of anchors from which Djay Pro would know where to start counting. I’m asking because I’ve been discovering more and more tracks like this.

Are there any DJ apps worth checking out on iPad? Traktor doesn’t look too good (I haven’t tried it yet, but screenshots are horrible).

Thanks. Hopefully, someone will fix this BPM stuff in Djay Pro too…
The app is otherwise cool, but this is making it useless. Shame.

Thank you, Lukas, but please tell the developers to fix the BPM detection altogether. If I can manually set BPM, it makes no sense that Djay Pro changes the grid throughout the track just it tries to “guess better” (because it obviously fails at guessing). If I want to mix in an acapella, Djay Pro makes it impossible with its grid detection algoriddim. Please solve this. Thank you.

The thing is, they should ditch BPM analysis for acapellas. Beatgrids for acapellas should be time based, not based on this algorithm that looks for down beats (which don’t exist in acapellas)…

The thing is, they should ditch BPM analysis for acapellas. Beatgrids for acapellas should be time based, not based on this algorithm that looks for down beats (which don’t exist in acapellas)…