Ipad Cable for Pioneer wego2

i think my ipad cable with connects to the ipad from my pionner wego 2 is on its way out, does anyone know where i can order one from?

Hi there
I remember being told I needed a special pioneer cable at a highly inflated price and told it s the only one that would work with the iPad.

I bought a $6 cable from Amazon and it has worked ever since. That was 2013 and the price is now $12.

I am including a picture showing the Amazon cable to make sure it is what you are taking about.

If you can’t see the picture. The Amazon description is "C2G / Cables to go 28108 UBS 2.0 b male to 2 sub a male y- cable (black)

This was for my wego 1 & I think the wego 2 used the same cable. I’m now on wego 3 because the iPad gets charged while playing which is invaluable. The 1 & 2 were much better quality though!!! Go figure.