Reading SO MUCH about DELETING Tracks, I have 4 of the same song, yet all diff. Remixers & BPM’s (Would LOVE to have Just ONE REMIX & Get Rid of the Ones I Never Play) I’ve Deleted the Mixes On My Mac Desktop in the “Playlist Titled HAPPY HOUR That Is My DJay 2 List of Remixes” CAN I DELETE THE mp3’s ? They still show up on my iPad EVEN IF THERE NOT SHOWN ON MY DESKTOP, AS I DELETED THEM.
One More Thing, the drop down when selecting a remix does show everything BY THAT SINGER (as well as if I enter a REMIXERS NAME, All there Mixes Show Up) SO… I choose the remix, It’s Set to Play NEXT, is there an option to have AT THE TOP, Where Song, Mixer, Time etc… is displayed. I WOULD LOVE IT TO SCROLL (Like on a iPod, showing everything, some tracks have LONG NAMES) with only showing “A PARTIAL NAME, ETC…” I am asked all the time, Who Remixed This?" And, all I can see is the Partial information, same goes for the “Drop Down Choices, It’s BAD when I have 4-5 Remixes, Of The Same Song, Same Singer, and as a CLUB Dj… I Really MUST… Give CORRECT Info. IN A HURRY” The Next Mix is Already in my mind, LOVE REQUESTS, yet THAT Interrupts My Train of Thought. ANY HELP is APPRECIATED / Jay @ IconDj66@gmail.com RE: “DJAY HELP” So I READ IT Thxs / Jay

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IT WORKED :slight_smile: Thanks Lukas. For anyone else with this issue, go to the MUSIC APP. (Standard App. On ALL Mac’s ?? Windows) ALL your “DJAY MUSIC IS ALSO THERE” at the Sone U Wish to Delete look to the FAR RIGHT for THREE LITTLE DOTS, Click The Dots and, Follow a couple prompt’s and DELETE / REMOVE. (MAKE SURE, that it is also removed on the DJAY PLAYLIST via iTunes ON THE COMPUTER, If U Don’t do this, it WILL ReAPPEAR on your iPAD, or iPhone or any mobile device, When Updating New Songs) ALSO Lukas, Thanks for taking the “Scrolling Idea Seriously” on the iPad, It TRULY would B Nice to have the song’s name & remixer “SCROLL” as a iPod Does. MANY Songs have LONG Titles “Names”, with a Left & Right Visual Turntable, at the top where the Name of the song Is Displayed, MANY TIMES only a PORTION of the songs name appears, Scrolling the name & remixer (like an iPod) would be a GR8 Asset, THANK YOU, Jason

Hi Jason,

please synchronise your iPad with iTunes, or delete your remixes manually from the iPad.

Regarding your scrollable track information, i forwarded your idea internally and want to thank you for pointing that out.

Lukas E.