ipad djay collection play list etc back up

Hi guys,

i had try to have the same crates of my itunes placed in my imac but during the last year and gigs i had create some good plist and other that I like son much in my djay ipad collection.

Now in which way i can back up this collection to other support ?

Tks a lot

Carletto Dj

@carletto_dj search for a file on your iMac called “djay Media Library”. This contains all your playlists.

hi buddy.
Sure on my imac no problem… my problem is in my ipad. :slight_smile: for back up

@carletto_dj sure no problem. On iPad use the Files App. Under the Locations-> On My iPad->djay->User Data->djay Media Library

GREAT !!! so also in ipad i can find the last backup media library files right?

Djay automatically creates backups and stores them in the Backups folder. If you want to backup to a location other than your iPad, copy the djay Media Library file in the main User Data folder. This is the most recent collection file.

great!! tks a lot for your help really apreciated

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You’re welcome @carletto_dj. Glad that helped.

Hi buddy. Did it yesterday evening :slight_smile: copy my ipad day media library file in my imac and all my plist now are in :slight_smile:

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Excellent! Happy to hear that worked for you.

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