iPad - does size (and pro model) matter?

I have been thinking about buying an iPad for some time. Djay pro just convinced me to take the plunge. :slight_smile:

Ideally I want to buy a 9.7 inch iPad (not iPad pro). I prefer the smaller iPad for portability. Plus it costs about half as much.

However it is not clear if djay pro has a different interface or behavior for different iPad models.

Can djay pro fit more features and effects on one screen on larger ipads, or does it just have larger buttons for the same options? Specifically, is there a difference with what you can fit on one screen between the 9.7 inch iPad vs either the 10.5 inch or 12.9 inch iPad pro?

Also, can I still use keyboard shortcuts with iPad 9.7 inch + a regular Bluetooth keyboard? Or do I need the iPad Pro smart keyboard to use keyboard shortcuts in djay pro?