iPad External Display Keeps Disconnecting

I have a 5th Generation 12.9" iPad pro, which has the M1 chip. When I try to connect an external display to run video to, it disconnects after a couple of minutes. When it disconnects, it also stops the audio for a second or two. While that is happening a modal pops up indicating a new display was connected.

I have tried 3 usb hubs with HDMI out, a USB-C to HDMI cable and the official adapter from Apple, abd they all have the same issue. I also reset and reinstalled iPadOs, that didn’t fix either.
I do not think it’s caused by djay, but, I would like to see if there is any sort of fix.

Hey @cristiana - Welcome to the Community! Thanks for your first post, and sorry to hear you’ve been experiencing this issue!

To better understand where the issue might be, could you please answer the following questions?

  1. What happens when you choose either of the options “Show iPad Screen” or “Show Video Output”?
  2. Which specific version of djay are you on?
  3. Have you tried connecting to a different External Monitor?
  4. Have you tried a different iPad connecting to the same Monitor? (Perhaps it’s a connection issue with the iPad itself)

I am looking forward to hearing your response. Have a great day!

1.When I press show video output, there is a pause and the visualiser comes back on
2. Version 4.1.7 (but this issue has been happening for months)
3. I have tried connecting three different devices, and they all fail in the same way
4. I do not have a second ipad. But, one suggestion on the internet was to completely erase the ipad and start all over. I did that, and the issue still persisted

Here is a video of the process occurring, it took about 7 minutes for it to happen, but I cut it down to just the end.