Ipad for idjpro which generation actually works?

Ok just picked up the idj pro. So what iPad should I get? I heard generation 1-3 can’t update the new iOS and iPad mini as well. But I the 5th generation has the latest iOS. I’ve seen posts that older iPads are not working properly with the idj pro due to they can’t update the new iOS.Numark and Algoriddim recommend using 1-3 but is the 5th generation stable? So can anyone shed some light on this topic?

Don’t forget about processor.
The newest iPad will be the fastest.
The iPad Pro second generation blows everything away (right now).
Remember each iPad is good for 4 iOS versions.
That second generation iPad Pro will be good till iOS 14, maybe iOS 15. After that it will run sluggish. That’s 3-4 of fast processing power.

I was lucky to have an old ipad 2 running on ios 8.3 and it works perfectly…
lf l were to update it to ios 9.35 it would glitch when moving the pitch slider and with key lock on,unfortunately that ipad is only 32gb so I ended up buying an ipad air 2 64gb which works on the latest ios and it works perfect as well…
I had to pack the sides of the idj pro ipad slot as the ipad air is a little narrower than the ipad 2 but I find it much faster to process songs on…

I’ve used an iPad mini 32gb and now an iPad 4 128gb – no issues with either. I recommend getting a 64gb or higher – 3000 songs filled up the 32 gb. I was nervous about upgrading and glitches – but none whatsoever.