iPad memory allocation

On my iPad, Djay Pro requires more than 18.9 GB of storage for documents and data. This seems quite a lot, especially it is not apparent what kind of data it is. Can anyone give me a hint about this?

Music libraries? cue lists?

That’s exactly what I’m interested in. Currently, no music is stored locally on the device, and I can’t imagine something like Cue Points taking up that much space.

Look at your stored recordings as well, they can easily get very big.

Also, you should be able to see what djay stores with the Files app. Open it, click on Browse twice, then On my iPhone/iPad > djay.

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I think it’s taken care of, it seems to have been the local music library. I deleted a big chunk from the iPad yesterday, and apparently it took a while to get it to show up in the settings. Now, in any case, only just under 2 GB are displayed … sorry, I was probably too impatient.

always good to power cycle the device after doing some maintenance like that…it wouldve shown you sooner

Hi @Chris_R,

Thanks for sharing that question and your subsequent update as I’m sure other users will find it helpful.

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It are the djay collection backups that are eating up your storage space.
you can remove them, it was one the many subjects I touched on during my AMA live stream for DJs, here is the VOD
Algoriddim djay Special Ask me Anything for DJs

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