iPad mini does not charge with wego 3

When I plug the wego 3 on my iPad mini the wego 3 not charging the iPad because I have got no logo of charge and the battery finish to empty after houres

interesting - my iPad Air still does not charge here - Pioneer couldn’t help me

It does charge on my wego3 and ipad mini 2.

Yep, lightning bolt next to battery indicator.

Well, if it is a wego3 it must work. So, someting must be broken. Test on another wego 3 in the store / shop. Then you know witch of the 2 is broken. Ipad or wego3

Bullshit. The wego 3 charges apple over lightning.

Even charges whitout switching on the wego. Only the power adapter connected.

Mini 2 model A1489

@Eddy: Yes, you’re right. The Wego3 doesn’t charge via Lightning. Sorry for that…
@Ivan: I guess, you’re a lucky one =)

Have you got something on your iPad mini who tell you that it is charging ? Because me there are nothing ! I don’t have the storm logo who tell me that the iPad charging !!!

I don’t know why my ipad mini don’t want to charge with my wego 3 because the wego work good and my ipad too

I phone to Pioneer to Know why my iPad mini is not charged whith wego 3 and they tell me that is normal ! The wego 3 is not ready for that because Apple limit the connection of the lightning ! Thanks for your answer than

Yes I see ! You’ve got chance than perhaps your type of iPad mini accept this functionality because I am in France and perhaps Apple lock this function for France ! I test the iPad on another wego 3 and I 've got the same problem ! With the iPad sector charge it’s ok ! It doesn’t matter I’m going to use it normally

Mine is a Mini A 1432
It’s a 16g wifi iPad whithout 3G and retina screen
You are lucky ! Happy for you !