ipad mini in idjay Pro

Hi There,

I have the iPAD2, and use it with my Numark idj Pro, but its memory is very small and always full.

I want to get a new one but I really like the new iPad mini.

I wanted to know if any one has tried to use the adaptor for the 30pin connector to use the iPad mini in the idi pro?

I also wanted to know what this actually looks like as I feel it would probably look pretty bad and spoil the idj pro experience?

Any one with any experience?


Hi Chris,

We use the iPad mini with the iDJ Pro regularly in our “test lab”. As far as I can say, iDJ Pro works well with the new iPads via lightning to 30-pin adapter.

Hi, Thanks for your reply!

I was pretty sure it would work, i’m more worried about how it looks and feels in there. I imagine it moves around which would be a problem for example when you want to use the effect pads.

I was also worried what the screen would show, is it just the same as the ipad version? how small does it look in the void for it?

Is there any chance you can send me a few images? I can find nothing on line at all! Big ask but I would really appreciate it. I can give you my email address to send these too if you are able to, pics from your phone would be fine!!

Really I should just get a new iPad but I do prefer the mini!

Thanks for all your help.

Just added an avatar of me on the iDj Pro at a party recently!!

Have you bought the djay app?
Are you using the iPad mini too?

I have not been able to find any pictures or examples of any one who has got this set up and running. Warren above said it worked for them, but some one else says it doesn’t!

I am looking to get my ipad mini in June, already have the ipad2 and the idjpro, but is it worth investing £30 for an adaptor? Who knows. Its just such a neat system with the iPad 2 in there im not sure if putting the mini in will spoil the feel of the dj experience. Im thinking of having the ipad2 dedicated to music (its only a 16gig) then keeping the mini for every thing else!

do you already have the idjpro?

I have the iPad mini in there working fine. The reason yours is not working is down to apple! They have chips in their official adapters. Cheap ones aren’t recognised by the iPad properly, whilst you might get it to charge it won’t support music! Only way to get it to work is to buy the real thing. I did exactly the same thing you with the cheap one though bud!!

That’s the one!!

Wow, be great to see some pictures of that! My mini is black and in a black opening cover, bit like a book or kindle cover, so when it’s open the soft insides of the case sit on the soft inside of the idj. It means it sits there and doesn’t move around so I never really worried about customising it.

I bought recently the numark idj pro and a 30 pin adapter and i cant use the app… Do i need any app or software?
Help me!
México city

Chris did you end up using the mini? I had the same question as you, how does the look and stability seem with the mini in the idj pro?

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yes, I had a mini ipad that looked not to cool in my IDJ Pro numark mixer. I cut out a thin piece of wood about a 1/4 inch thick painted it flat black then slide it into the idj pro. Rest the mini on top and its looks custom. Jonathan

you must only use Apple products.

can i use the ipad mini in the idj pro??but i have an ipad mini and it has a different conector and i don ́t know if it is possible to use

Has anyone managed to get it working yet on iPad mini?

I bought mine from Maplin. Cost £24.99

Hi I have the ipad mini and 30 pin connector and it doesn’t seem to work ? Any suggestions , the 30 pin connector is from ebay and costs £3 each I have tried both

Great cheers . Bloody apple and there money making