Ipad Pad FX control for DJay Pro Ai on OSX

Hi there,

I’ve had a look around but not found a specific answer to this question.

Is it possible, or would be possible to incorporate using an iPad to control Pad FX when using Djay Pro AI on OSX? Essentially turning an iPad into a Kaoss pad (as it is on the iPad and iOS versions).
This may have already been answered though I couldn’t find anything about it.

Side note, is there a way to dual screen Djay pro AI (e.g. library on one screen and everything else on the main screen)?
If not, a dual screen mode using HDMI or OSX Sidecar would be an amazing inclusion.

Keep up the amazing work!

Plus 100 on this. Don’t see why this wouldn’t be workable, being that OSX has “Sidecar”. Also may want to look at some of the Dj control midi apps for ipad. I’m going to try that soon myself.

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