iPad Pro 2018 Pioneer DJ DDJ-RB - iOS Multichannel audio support (CUE & MASTER)

Hi guys! I’m Johnny.

I use Djay pro 2 on my iPad with my DDJ-RB using the  USB-3.1 Type C to USB-A adapter. All the mapping works perfectly except for the Audio PHONES and MASTER output on the controller. Which is very critical. Right now I am bluetooth into speakers. but, I just bought some QSC and got rid of my main bluetooth speakers so I needed Master out to work on this controller.

I think I saw something about iPad OS 13 supporting multiple audio channel output, and was wondering if I should get rid of my controller or wait for an update from you guys to get phones and master output working!

I really love DJAY I absolutely love it. DJAY is brilliant. I go for hours at a time with my controller and the Spotify support on my iPad. I even went to the park to DJ for the kids for free with my DJ MASK and they were dancing and loved it!

I really would like my headphones and master output to work though! Please Algoriddim your app is amazing!

Hey picked one these second hand for very cheap! Was following some leads to see if the RB is compatible with iOS. Not trying to be a professional in anyway but wanted to play around with it. I question is are you setting up your audio to play out of a bluetooth speaker connected to your iPad Pro?