Ipad pro 2020 - DDJ800 Support request

I am new here. If DDJ800 is already supported in Ipad OS, please disregard.
I am a rekordbox VJ with DDJ800. I own an ipad pro and would like to VJ sometimes with my Ipad only. I am looking towards subscribing to algoriddim Djay for this. Is it natively supported yet?

not yet on iOS : DJ Controllers, DJ Mixers and other DJ Accessories | Algoriddim

Hoping the request has been pushed to development team multiple times…

Hi @Armgod_Okello,

The DDJ-800 is not natively supported on djay for iOS due to the controller not being iOS class-compliant. This means that you can have MIDI-control, but the audio (master and pre-cue) won’t work. You can find a full list of natively supported hardware in our FAQ.

I hope I could help.

Hi, did you have a visibility on Ddj 800 full support in mac os and on iOS

Hi @Charles_Veronese,

The DDJ-800 is natively supported on djay for Mac. Make sure you have the latest driver for Mac installed.

I hope I could help.