Ipad pro 5th gen with ddj 400 unable to connect

Hi, im having problem with connecting ddj-400 to ipad pro 5th gen

Tried a otg dongle (usb c to usb 2.0 addapter)

Ddj-400 powers up normally but not reconized on app

Bought a new usb c type hup supports pd charging but this time ddj400 not even lights up at all
But usb keyboard and storage usb works fine

Not sure what the problem is after days of searching

Tried updating ipad and restart several times

Im thinking of buying a expensiver usb hub or buying usb c to usb a apple connecter

Anyone with this problem?

Hi @Fun,

Thanks for joining the Algoriddim Community.

In order to connect your iPad to your DDJ-400, please connect the devices following these steps:

  1. Connect the Lightning or USB-Adapter to your iOS device
  2. Power the adapter through its designated power connector [12W]
  3. Connect the controller to the adapter to guarantee perfect communication
  4. Start djay for iOS

Let me know if you have any further questions.

Cheers, G

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