iPad Pro and iPhone 11 issues

Dear all,

This is my first post on the forums so I apologise if I write anything incorrect.

I am using a second generation iPad Pro also I have an iPhone 11 running iOS 15 and I’ve also tested with iOS 14.

I am using a Numark party mix. I realise this is a very cheap controller but at the same time it says it is supported by the software.

From the beginning I experienced issues with the iPad with clicking not loading tracks incorrectl volumes being incorrect the record deck swapping each side and then becoming unusable. The software runs perfectly well on the iPad without the controller.

I spoke to the software developers and I suggested using the iPhone 11. So today I use the iPhone 11 with only local MP3 is not connected to iCloud or any other devices. The unit played for approximately 15 minutes then had issues with the volume then the track swapped again then the controller bit I’m unresponsive. And it is now left when you turn it on all of the lights turn up orange. And it won’t seem to reset back to what it was originally.

Controller current state

iPad Pro issues

Naturally they are blaming the controller, but I’ve tried the controller on the PC and it seems fine.

I am disabled so using the iPad is very important to me and the reason why I purchased the software. Can anybody tell me if they have a controller that works well that is not very expensive with an iPad Pro. As I’m not getting very far with the software developers. I have frustrated. I do not have another controller to test.

Because of my disability is using the iPad means that I can DJ but unfortunately I can’t use the PC.

I’m simply looking for a cost-effective solution for the software to actually work. Any help or advice would be much appreciated as I have come to a dead end. Paid for software. Paid for controller. And it’s not working.

Kindest regards and thank you for your time for reading this post.

Hi there

From your video it simply looks as if you have your main output setup in headset/cue mode and this would be why when you fully move the cross fader to the right you will hear the music from the left deck, and you will continue to hear it as you move the crossfader back to the other side until it hits the end and you will then hear the right deck again. If you had plugged some headphones in you would probably have found the sound coming out correctly there.

In audio device setup.
Mixer mode should be internal.
Main output ch 1-2
Pre-cue ch 3-4

That should then work fine. If not swap the channels.

Also make a habit of plugging in the power as the apple adapter doesn’t always have enough power to keep a controller going that is only USB powered, and this may be why it hangs up from time to time.

Hope that helps for now. Other than that, Put some clothes on and stop smoking :rofl: (just kidding)

Good luck.

Lol smoking was caused by the stress. The unit doesn’t actually respond now. Yes the cue was in the wrong position, but it doesn’t explain the clicking on the iPad Pro. Basically the app won’t run for more than 10 mins. I’ll try exactly what you suggested but I have already I’ll post another vid. Not smoking :joy:

Just plugged in the unit. It’s in the same state is died in yesterday - faint orange light nothing responding at all. There no way the controllers just died. Looks like it needs a reset but I thought it would sort itself out over night. Maybe I bought a awful controller but it does all I need. Bugger

All looks ok. iPhone responding now but not reliable iPad Pro still no. I think the controller maybe rubbish?

Ok forget everything. I’ve tried other iPad Dj software same issues so it’s the controller or the usb 3 adapter now I’m really confused. I just want a budget setup that works with my iPad Pro. Help

Hi Mark,

Thanks for asking your question here in the Community too.

I also believed this is a hardware problem. I would recommend you try another USB-C adapter. If that doesn’t make a difference I would encourage you to reach out to Numark directly.

Let us know how it goes.

Cheers, G

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