iPad Pro iCloud backup not syncing

Stuck in iCloud status initializing
To back up cues etc
I have uninstalled and re logged in used WiFi or iPad data service and nothing
I have the latest updates this is the only thing that never worked for me

I do see my phone is backed up problem is all my cues are in my iPad

Hi @Juan_Perez,

  1. Please log out of your Apple ID on your iPad from within the iPad main Settings area.
  2. Close djay Pro and all other apps on your iPad.
  3. Perform a Forced Restart of your iPad (Force restart iPad - Apple Support)
  4. After rebooting, log back into your Apple ID on your iPad.
  5. Ensure you are connected to a reliable WiFi source.
  6. Open djay Pro and try iCloud Syncing again.

I appreciate your time and help I tried this and didn’t work any other suggestion?

I don’t want to delete the app because I don’t want to loose my cue points

@Juan_Perez you’re welcome. Thanks for the update.

  1. All of your cue points, saved loops and My Collection playlists are saved in the djaymedialibrary database file.
  2. Personally, I recommend that you regularly backup this database to an external drive or to the cloud.
  3. You can find this file here: open the Files App on your iPad, navigate to On My iPad>djay>User Data
  4. Once you’ve backed this up, you can delete the djay app, do another Forced Restart, reinstall djay and try the iCloud sync again.

I see it syncing but now how do I load that file because none of the cues are there now

That’s good to hear. Simply copy it from your backup location, over the one in the default location: On My iPad>djay>User Data

All my cue disappeared and backup files are gone

The hot cues are saved in the djaymedialibrary file as described above. If you copied this to an external drive or cloud location as I suggested, you simply need to copy it from your backup location back in the Files App, On My iPad, in the djay>User Data folder.

  1. If you have somehow lost the backup that you created earlier then you can likely use the djaymedialibrary that is on your iPhone. Since you were previously using iCloud sync.
  2. Simply open the Files App on your iPhone, navigate to On My iPhone then to djay>User Data.
  3. Copy the djaymedialibrary file here to an external drive or to a location in your iCloud.
  4. Then go back to your iPad and copy this file over the one on your iPad.

Ideally that would have worked but because that iPad was not syncing the cues were not saved into my iPhone

The only thing left for me to do and I doubt it will work is to wipe my iPad and do a restore hopefully it’s in there

The data was saved to my iCloud files under the djay app but I didn’t know i had to make a backup of that file

Okay, that’s unfortunate. I thought I made it pretty clear in my post above to backup this file BEFORE deleting djay and reinstalling it.

If you have a recent full system backup of your iPad on iCloud or in iTunes on your Mac then your should still be fine by doing a system restore on the iPad.

I have it in my mind that the iPad backup through iCloud was simply just called a backup I didn’t know you meant to copy it and “back up”

Well, as long as you have a full system iCloud or iTunes backup you should be fine

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Whatever I did removed the full system backup
Nightmare now for me I have gigs well lesson learned the backup does not stay when you delete the app

Oh wow. How did you delete your full iCloud system backup of your iPad? Uninstalling djay from your iPad should have no effect on your system wide iCloud backup.

Yes uninstalling affects it

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